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Mathematics game

This math game is one of our fun free online games and a nice brain training game for both kids and grownups. The goal of this math game is to answer as many math problems correctly as possible in the time given to you. You earn more time to play if you manage to answer five math questions in a row correctly. The game offers seven different game modes, you can choose to play with any of the four operations of arithmetic. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Have you done your math homework? Do you remember your education in mathematics, your multiplication table? Now you get the chance to prove your skills in this web based algebra solving game. Do you need help with your math homework, maybe a private teacher in math? Online math help can make you succeed in school. Use our free mathematics game to practice math online and you will finish your math homework easier. The better you master math the easier it is to learn more about mathematics. Mathematics is an important skill to master to succeed in life, so take the chance to practice math online and have some fun while improving your mathematics skills in this fun math game online. If your skills in mathematics are not that good yet then use this free math game to practice your equation solving skills with the math problems presented to you. You will notice how you answer more and more math questions correct as you train your mind while solving the math problems in the math game. This interactive mathematics brain teaser game is made in Flash.

Available in Android Market

This free math game is now available in Android Market so that you can download it and practice mathematics for free on your Android phone.

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